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​How Big Is God in Your Mind?

written by Dennis Zetting
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If someone who doesn’t believe in God were to ask you, “How does God exist?” or “Where is God?”, what would you tell them? What is your personal paradigm of God? Could you give that person a comprehensive succinct answer, or would it be something in the likes of, “I don’t know how, but God does exist,” or “God is everywhere.” 

What is your personal belief of:
– How did God create the universe? 
– If God is in heaven, then how can God be with us on Earth?
– Where exactly is God?
– Does God really know our EVERY thought and the thoughts of EVERY person at EVERY moment?
– How does God exist?
– How can God be eternal? 
– How could God exist before the beginning of the universe?
– Is God actively involved within creation, or did God create it and then let it go on it’s own?
– Did God create the universe in 6 literal days or do the 6 days in Genesis represent “eons” that could signify millions of years. 
– Did God create the universe around 6,000 – 10,000 years ago, or 13.8 billion years ago (Big Bang)? 

Many people don’t exactly know what their beliefs are in God beyond, “I believe God is real,” “God is in heaven,” and “God created the universe and life.” The concept of God is an extremely abstract subject and that can cause people to be unsure in different areas of their faith. Otherwise, more Christians would be praying for miraculous healings, evangelizing to the lost, or spending daily time in communion with the Lord. When confused, we tend to play it safe. I call it mutual fund positioning. Instead of investing money in a high-risk, high-return stock, we’ll place money in a lower-risk, lower-return mutual fund. Are you playing it safe with your beliefs about God and His creation? 

It helps to gain professional insights to improve in areas of our lives. I have been married to my beautiful wife Randi since 1983 and throughout the years we have gone through a number of marriage courses. We went through another course already this year because we have a desire to deepen our relationship. It’s not about knowing facts. It’s about increasing and strengthening relationship. Since God created the universe and all life, science is full of ways in which it supports and explains how God exists. Science can actually help us to develop a clear and concise Christian Worldview. 

For those that have a detailed paradigm of God, I invite you to learn what science has to say in support of God. It is absolutely fascinating and yet doesn’t take away the majesty nor mystery of God. Science can help draw us to closer and to ask deeper questions. Science can help us examine the box we have placed God in and give us a means to “think outside the [our] box.”    

We hope you allow Quantum Creation to help bolster and increase your relationship with God. Go ahead, and see what your “God box” looks like and then shatter it! 

Dennis Zetting
Author: Dennis Zetting


Dennis Zetting

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