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written by Dennis Zetting
6 · 23 · 21

Angels are becoming one of our favorite subjects because once people feel comfortable with the scientific facts supporting their existence, people start telling us all kinds of fascinating stories that happened to them involving what they believe to be angels. It is often the first time they feel comfortable sharing these stories with other people because they had  assumed they would be laughed at or not believed.  Many people inform us that they haven’t thought about their angel experience for years. What fascinates us is that almost everyone has had at least one supernatural experience. Some are amazing life saving experiences. We invite you to read some of the stories listed on this website, and please, please send us your story. We’d love to post your story as well. It will bring you life as you recall your experience.   

There are some 283 scripture references on angels in the Bible. From Jacob wrestling with an angel, to angels telling the shepherds of Jesus’ birth, to angels ministering to Jesus in the wilderness. People in the Bible had many encounters with angels. Most people that believe in God, do believe that angels exist. What does science say about the existence of angels? 

The two most important things needed scientifically to support the existence of angels are proof there are additional dimensions and that substance occurs in those additional dimensions. The fields of quantum and string physics prove the existence of additional dimensions, with string physics mathematically revealing as many as 11 dimensions. The human race lives day to day perceiving reality within 4 of these dimensions (height, length, depth and spacial time). What is happening in the other 7 dimensions? It is a mind boggling question. Although quantum physics is giving us the best scientific glimpses into these additional dimensions, in comparison to what is really occurring in the God’s creation, it is as though we are only scooping up a cupful of water from a vast ocean.   In other words, knowing that additional dimensions exist, does not in any way mean that we fully know what is going on in the additional dimensions. 

We know there are extra dimensions. Let’s take it one more step. Do we know if “substance” occurs in these additional dimensions? Since science does not have the ability at this time to measure and observe in the invisible realm or additional dimensions, we can settle on the term “substance” as the knowing something of significance is happening. As explained in numerous places throughout this website, the quantum principle of Wave/Particle Duality has revealed that photons, electrons, etc., exist in an invisible wave state or visible particle state of superposition. The Wave/Particle Duality Principle opened the door to the invisible and gives us knowledge that things are happening in the invisible realm. Interestingly, so much is going in the invisible wave state and additional dimensions that we only experience a fraction of reality in these 4 dimensions.         

To summarize:  Since; 1) additional dimensions exist, and 2) angels need additional dimensions to exist, and 3) “substance” occurs in these extra dimensions, therefore, science has the needed support for the existence of angels. A person can choose to believe in angels or not to believe, however, science gives more support for their existence than not existing. For anyone to say that angels can’t exist, is illogical and unscientific.  

The Bible explains that angels exist in the heavenly realms. These realms are invisible to us. Try to imagine what it is like right now being watched by angelic beings in extra dimensions (see the article or video on Flatland). This is what is happening right now.
You are being observed by angels. 

Dennis Zetting
Author: Dennis Zetting


Dennis Zetting

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