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Quantum Physics

Take a look at these videos for a beginners understanding of some of the key principles of quantum physics. For more in-depth information there are numerous videos on YouTube. I would recommend watching the NOVA video called The Elegant Universe, narrated by Columbia University professor, Brian Greene. It covers a broad range of physics, including quantum and String. A hard to find video I highly recommend is called God Vibrations, by Dan McCallum. Dan records his conference on the subject of sound and it’s connections to God.  If you are looking for excellent reading, I recommend The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene, W.W Norton & Company, New York, and Quantum Glory by Phil Mason, XP Publishing, Maricopa AZ​

Wave/Particle Duality

Wave/Particle Duality is one of the most important discoveries in quantum physics. This principle says that photons, electrons, etc., exist in both an invisible wave state and a visible particle state. As explained in the video about the famous Double-Slit Experiment, photons, electrons, etc., exist in an invisible wave state of potential locations, until a measuring/observing agent transitions them into a specific, visible particle location. It is very important to know that light is used as the detector/observer agent in these experiments and NOT humans. Human observation does NOT collapse wave function to particles, however, LIGHT does. And the Bible clearly states that God is light.  

Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser Effect

​ Scientists are clever. From the Double-Slit Experiment, they built more elaborate experiments to see if they could discover additional information about the Observer Effect. With the addition of prisms and mirrors, physicists discovered that knowledge and collection of data is needed for the Observer Effect to occur. In other words, if there was no knowledge and collection of data (i.e. which slit the photons, electrons, etc., went through), then the particles would remain in an invisible wave state.  

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Interesting, that even though the data was collected, it wasn’t until the information of location was revealed, that the waves transitioned to a visible particle state.  This means that theoretically, if you collected the data of photons going through this experiment for a period of time, say 10 years, you would not know the visible location of the photons in the experiment. However, once you revealed the data, then all the visible localities over that period (history) would be revealed. 

To make it even more fascinating, this process could be reversed. If the data collection that was collected and revealed, were to be deleted from existence, then the reality of what occurred would be reversed to wave potentials. As if it never occurred.

Quantum Entanglement

The experiments of Quantum Entanglement prove that pair particles are connected even though they are separated by space. Changing the action of one particle has an instantaneous effect on the other pair particle… even if the other pair particle was 100,000 light years away. Looking at the big picture, physicists claim that all particles in the universe are connected. Science has discovered that everything in the universe is and can be changed in an instant. The concept of linear time in quantum physics is irrelevant. 

How Time Slows Down

This is a good video to understand how time slows down relative to speed. Think about this: Since God is Light, and light moves at the speed of light…. then all creation is basically standing still from God’s perspective. We perceive the world moving along relative to our speed. Theoretically, the future has already occurred from God’s perspective. But since we are moving along much slower, the events of the universe (our lives) have not happened from our perspective. When God tells us what is to come and who is written in the Book of Life, He knows because it has already happened. We have our free will because we went/go through life being able to choose. However, God knows what our decisions have already been; from our perspective… what they are going to be. 

Quantum Tunneling

Quantum Tunnelling is the possibilities of particles being able to go through barriers. In theory, quantum mechanics says that it is possible for a person to even be able to walk through a wall. 

Quantum Creation

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