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In the Beginning God Created the Heavens and the Earth

written by Dennis Zetting
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Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” (the universe) The surprising thing that most people don’t realize is that science says the same thing: In the beginning light created the stars and the planets (universe). At the moment of the Big Bang, only energy existed. Matter did not exist. Scientists are able to take Einstein’s famous E=mc<2 equation that tells us energy can transform into (or create) matter and know what made the particles for all the stars, planets, air, you and me to be able to exist. Light energy existed at the Big Bang and gamma ray light frequencies were the source energy that created the matter that makes up the universe. For example, 1.05 MeV of light energy (in the gamma ray spectrum) produce an electron/positron particle pair.  Remarkably, it only took around four seconds to complete the process! Christ told the world that both He and God are light. It may have taken science some 2,000 years to figure it out, but they have finally come around to agree on Genesis; light (God) created the universe.

Think about this for a moment…all the matter needed to create ALL the stars and planets in the UNIVERSE was done in less than four seconds. Four seconds! Don’t be confused and think that all the stars and planets were formed in this time frame, that process took longer. It was much too hot for the electron particles to bond with the protons and neutrons. As the universe cooled, lower energy frequencies of light engaged with the free-floating electrons and hydrogen atoms began to form. Once again, light came to the rescue. Without light engaging with an atom’s electron/proton/neutron relationship, electrons would still be flying all over the universe and atoms wouldn’t exist. 

Some people wonder why the first day of the Genesis creation story involves light and then on day four stars and the moon. They are not the same thing. Although our sun emits light, light actually existed well before our sun existed. In fact, it took light to make the sun. Without light energy holding electrons within their orbital shells, the hydrogen and helium atoms that make up the sun wouldn’t exist.  

Dennis Zetting
Author: Dennis Zetting


Dennis Zetting

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