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The Groundbreaking book by Dennis Zetting

Remarkably, modern quantum physics aligns with God’s word, addressing the tough issues raised by atheists, agnostics and Christians alike. Dennis simplifies the complex quantum world so that you need not know anything about quantum physics. All Dennis asks is that you come with a desire to know more about God and how God is present within His creation.

This scientific information has only been generally available to the mainstream public for the past 15-20 years and is shaping our worldviews. We are the first generation to have these levels of insights into God’s universe. You are guaranteed to be amazed at how evident God is in this world, and BEYOND!
Once you read this book, you will be compelled to give it to family members and friends that question the existence of God.

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We appreciate your contributions to our important ministry. It is our goal to speak in non-Christian forums and give out as many free ​copies of A Quantum Case For God to agnostics and atheists seeking scientific evidence for God’s existence.

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