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Stories of Angels & Supernatural

written by Dennis Zetting
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Saved by an Angel in Vancouver B.C.
I was doing some business research in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2013. On this particular busy street, a beeping sound would go off when the light turned green to assist the blind. After a while, I became conditioned to the beeps like a Pavlov dog, and got into a habit of writing down research and meanwhile crossing the street without looking. 
Then, one time, as I was standing on the corner… the beep sounded and I started my momentum to walk forward… when I heard someone or something say, “LOOK behind you!” And just as I paused my forward progress to look behind me, a large city bus ran the red light and swooshed by at an alarming rate just inches from me, because the bus had a stop shortly after the intersection. There was a suction from the bus whizzing by that almost pulled me in. 
When I looked behind me, there was nothing… nothing on the ground and no one around the area. What did I hear? Why did I hear that specific wording to make me turn around at the very instant to save my life and prevent me from becoming a squished bug on the front of a bus? I believe it was an angel. 

Motorcycle Accident
For years, I never rode my motorcycle with a helmet. One day while leaving my house, for some reason I felt I needed to take my helmet. Without thinking about it I picked it up and stuck it on the back of my bike. While riding along something told me, “Stop and put your helmet on right now!” I thought that it was so weird that I actually pulled over and put the helmet on… something I never do. Well about 1 mile down the road I was hit by a truck and was severely injured. I was told by the doctors, the only reason I didn’t die that day was because I was wearing a helmet. 

Avoiding the Wall
In the early 90’s, on a dark, windy, rainy night, I was driving on the 520 bridge going from Seattle towards Bellevue. The rain was coming down hard and there were pockets of standing water all along the bridge that caused me to hydro-plane. Even though there were multiple lanes, it didn’t help that there was a median wall to my left and a wall on the right. Either lane I had a wall right beside me. I was very scared, nervous and crying! All of a sudden I hit some standing water and felt myself heading towards the wall. I let go of the steering wheel and cried out, “God help me.” Then, just before I was about to hit the wall… with my hands off the wheel… the steering wheel steered itself away from the wall and I did not crash. 

Dennis Zetting
Author: Dennis Zetting


Dennis Zetting

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