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The Genesis creation story may well be the most important ancient scientific document of all time

written by Dennis Zetting
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Looking at the Biblical account of  “the beginning”, from a quantum perspective, not only aligns with scientific phenomenon, it answers a number of questions that have baffled science for over a century. 

Imagine what science would say if they came across a 10,000 year old man made artifact that explained how to build an alkaline battery. The scientific community would be amazed, excited and many questions would arise, however, not think for a moment that it occurred by chance.  They might debate on it’s authenticity of dating, or where the source originated. The point is, if all the instructions aligned with how to make a battery, and it did not contain erroneous instructions, then the artifact would be deemed an accurate way to make a battery. This is the perspective of looking at the Genesis creation story. From a quantum perspective, it addresses all the requirements of physics for the universe to exist. In fact, it is the only known explanation from humankind that addresses ALL the requirements of quantum physics.   

The remarkable video on the Genesis story of creation, explains how both the Big Bang and the 6 days of creation “both” could occurred. The quantum principles of Wave/Particle Duality and the Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser Effect are prevalent in Genesis chapter 1. The video explains these principles briefly, however, I strongly recommend reading or viewing additional videos on these topics to get a better understanding of what they are and how they work. 

Be aware that quantum physicists have a huge problem with the Wave/Particle Duality Principle.  In brief, this principle declares that “everything” is in an invisible (non-local) wave state, unless an “observer” observes it into a visible (local) existence. If there is NO “observer,” then everything MUST be in an invisible wave existence. This principle is explained by the famous Double-slit Experiments. Physicists have the problem answering the question; “Since humans did not exist 13.8 billion years ago (Big Bang beginning), when did an “observer” transition the universe from an invisible existence into a visible existence?” 

From a quantum perspective, Genesis clearly describes the beginning of creation being in an invisible state, and at the same time it describes the universe as existing. Genesis then goes on to describe God as the “observer” who sees the invisible wave state into a visible particle state of existence.  

There is more. Scientists are clever. By elaborating on the Double-slit Experiment model, scientists discovered through the Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser Effect that the “observer” agent must be capable of having knowledge. If the “observer” observes the universe into visible existence, then that “observer” must have the capability of having knowledge of everything going on in the universe. In addition, there are no experiments that prove humans can collapse wave functions to particles as in the double-slit experiments. Humans can not qualify as the “observer.” 

Something outside the limitations of our life form on earth is best suited to be the “observer.” And according to the current principles of quantum physics, the required “observer” must be able to see everything and have knowledge of everything. 

Note: I’d like to clarify the term “see.” This term does not necessarily mean to see through eyes. The experiments done by physicists use beams of light to “see” or measure photons and electrons. Light can act as the measuring agent in the observer effect. See my section on God is light (not just visible light).

Dennis Zetting
Author: Dennis Zetting


Dennis Zetting

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